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Having a broad mind in both approach and equipment is the key to clearing your mind to be creative.When I was first starting in photography, digital was in its infancy. The Pentax 645Z and Fuji GFX are in a sense compliments to this reality, although the slow shutter sync on these bodies make it hard for me to recommend them for use with lights as the blur with a 50MP sensor and a moving subject is VERY apparent.This brings me to the dream I (and probably we) have had since I first decided I wanted to shoot advertising campaigns that would live on billboards, building and magazines alike. Film sensitivity and color reproduction was as if we were shooting chrome.As time went on, other manufactures developed technology and sensors that caught on to what made the D3 so special. As time went on and technology grew, we constantly compared digital to analog with the question, “is it equal to film?”The ability for us to say “yes” to this question (at least in part) took many years (until 2007 more specifically) and arrived with the Nikon D3. There was a partial lunar eclipse event happening and I wanted to try something different.In July of 2019, there was a partial lunar eclipse event visible from my backyard in Johannesburg, South Africa, so, naturally, I decided to photograph it.No filters were used and the camera was connected without a Barlow (tele-extender) at prime focus, so the effective focal length was ~2304mm.If you look closely in the lower left of the lunar disc, you can see a slight darkening due to the lunar eclipse just beginning to start its initial phase. I immediately called a friend and scheduled a walk at a nearby mountain range at sunset to test out the camera.When we saw the images in the LCD of the camera, we were giddy with excitement. If the website plugin isn’t working for you, or if you want a free wallpaper, you can download the full-resolution of the image right here. As the sun rose the next day and the fog of my eyes lifted, I took the H6D out to see what the world looked like in 100 megapixels and with two shots on the camera, I … The sensor is MASSIVE. The noise of the file resembled true film grain and not the abstract mosaic patterns we had become accustomed. Phase One dropped a bombshell this week by announcing the XF 100MP, a medium format camera with a staggering 100 megapixels.To see just how big a 100MP photo is, photographer Brian F …

One that wanes when complacency creeps in and thrives when pursuit of knowledge lives at its heart. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again.This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages.Keeping this cookie enabled helps us to improve our website.Please enable Strictly Necessary Cookies first so that we can save your preferences! The colors, the contrast, the way the lenses produced nearly straight MTF chart quality images with flare nearly non-existent. It was a dream to shoot digital files equal to the medium format film I grew up idolizing.With much skepticism, but an equal amount of excitement, I ordered a Like all cameras I have ever purchased, it arrived at 9pm, well after the light had left, which didn’t matter for it was a Saturday and we had a dinner party that would not allow me to hold even a 1/2000th shot still (read: “who wants an Old Fashioned?”). All too often a reviewer would get lost in the idea of shooting medium format via a 35mm DSLR, but with much time shooting many of these bodies, I can say it just isn’t true. 100-Megapixel Photo Lets You Observe Rich Details of Craters on the Moon. (View this image on Flickr) Otherwise this annoying popup will happen all the time.Make your Milky Way POP and finish off your photos like a pro with our Photoshop Action Packs optimized specifically for astrophotography!

I think that’s pretty cool.Later in the evening, the moon looked like this (below), when it was full-on in the partial-eclipse mode.

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