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Some latitude should be given to the light puppy whose coloring shows promise of deepening with maturity. I did pay $2800 for my cream-colored Golden. But in 1936 everything was revised of where it then became acceptable and approved as an official color. A paler coat alone is not a reason to suspect that a high price is a unwarranted; a lack of a pedigree that demonstrates responsible breeding is, though. Dogs registered fully must therefore "breed true" as to perpetuate the purity of breeds that adhere to the standard. I have an Old golden and will be heartbroken when he goes. you know what I mean.If you decide to buy one of these white or cream golden retrievers.

( can have an affected dog and breed with a clear dog and none of the pups will be affected!!

The English Cream Golden Retriever comes with: A straighter top line. she was wonderful in every wayKen, are you trolling? No red or mahogany one (like you show in one of your pictures) would be allowed in any european competition.

Great work and voted up.Yet another great article about dogs Adrienne. Adhering the code of ethics for the breed?At that 2,800 would expect more show quality dogs, rather than pet quality, perhaps with the father being a champion. Those tones are gold, like gold and dark golden. I am very proud of this dog. No. 888-555-1234. Dig Doggy is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Technically, you can "register" a white this way, but it's not accurate. Their average weight runs around 65 LBS. There is no real proof required to show pups are from the parentage that's claimed on the form. They are lovely dogs.We have proudly owned an American Golden which has passed 5 yrs. Most breeders are trustable, but you MUST do your research!! We have a great Pyrenees (Jasmine) we use on the farm and if she gets a little aggressive with her she will just lay down. Why would you state otherwise?The American Kennel Club only allows registration for goldens under the following standard colors: dark golden (registration code 080), golden (registration code 093), and light golden (registration code 119). She is about as a White as a piece of paper. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so.Long, protruding neck. English retrievers also have long coarse hair and Golden’s have shorter soft hair.I stayed in an Airbnb and the hostess had a Labrador. We adopted from a breeder that listed as "english cream", however we talked to them and visited their site multiple times and we trusted them completely. Breeders who breed for platinum, cream, or white coats as their primary goal are raising a When choosing a good dog, you want to find breeders who breed for good health and temperament and have great lines, not breeders breeding mainly for money and looks, or those making false claims just to attract buyers. And any member of my family is ALWAYS worth trying to save. When I contacted the AKC they couldn’t have CARED less! I’ve trained dogs for rescue, military, police work, and service animals and I can train a dog in a few weeks. ?These are all Goldens and they are all wonderful dogs....but each one has a different look. Here in America, a lot of the expert still refer to the Golden Retriever in three different tones.

Now to my surprise, there are actually quite a few differences in regards to the cream golden retrievers and the Americans.

"If the average rate for a golden retriever is $1,300-1,500, beware of breeders trying to sell a cream-colored golden for $2,800 because you won't be getting the documentation that would justify that extra-high price".I'd like to offer a different opinion on this. They could be carriers, but never will have the disease and can breed to a clear dog through practicing responsible breeding!! Should I be worried that my dog is not what its AKC papers claim?How old is your dog? I also found that an English cream was first bred in the mid 19th century. The club further adds that the "predominant body color, which is either extremely pale or extremely dark, is undesirable. That simply had no use to a normal person like me or you just have them as a pet. A dog with Ichthyosis will require a lot of additional time and financial dedication from you. The intentional motive behind registration may be ethical, but the people registering might not.Also, I would assume that complete official registration is meant for the dog that conforms to the standard. It accepts a golden retriever that is "any shade of gold or cream, neither red nor mahogany. I edited to correct that. Regardless, all goldens are wonderful dogs regardless of coat color or whether they have papers or not!Actually I have an English Cream Golden that is registered with AKC......they just have to be coded as "light" golden...which is an actual breed of golden.....also my dog DOES have white hair?Is this breeder advertising them as "cream goldens?"

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