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SMART-Methode Beispiel: So funktioniert die Zielsetzung. In short, we must get the right balance between ‘smart versus clever’. highly specialised data collection, reporting and analytics.These capabilities answer clients’ demands for faster, deeper and more actionable insight. Smart is also well dressed.

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Niche client demands are one thing, creating unmanageable research tools is another. Der aktuelle Smartwatch Test bzw. It should:The challenge comes when we get carried away with “clever” solutions. This is why elderly people are mostly associated with this word as life has made them pass through tough situations making them wise. This requires a mindset shift.

If you put a barrier in front of a moving cockroach, it may not think of a way to get out but a more intelligent creature may find a way to circumvent the barrier.

Sollen Sie ihr Geld als Festgeld anlegen, damit Sie abgesichert sind?

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However, clever seems to imply level of originality and imagination, where smart could just be well thought out.A good example of the difference, is illustrated in this apocryphal story about NASA:During the space race in the 1960's, NASA was faced with the huge problem of how to write in the vacuum and weightlessness of space.

I've noticed that there is a slight difference between typical British and American usage of these words.

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And then he suggested to use "smart" instead of "clever". Wir haben drei Beispiele vorbereitet, die den Unterschied zwischen falsch formulierten und SMARTEN Zielen zeigen:.

My statement should not be interpreted as an attack. Adding value to the research process? If a mechanism is smart, that means the mechanism @Joren, yes that's why it is listed under examples (though as I said, and especially with smart phones, bombs and other devices; it is ingenious design that makes it possible for the device to apply reasoning; still you can have clever designs or even details of designs on a mechanism that does not apply any reasoning; though you might call that smart, too) In the U.S., The two are virtually identical, and in most uses, as strong case could be made for either one.

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Smart is used when a person knows a lot of stuff and also gets good grades in exams.Olivia is a Graduate in Electronic Engineering with HR, Training & Development background and has over 15 years of field experience.

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