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It has a door that costs 1000 points to open. The map was released on August 23rd, 2010 for Xbox 360 and September 22nd, 2010 for Playstation 3 and PC.

It has the Olympia and the M14 as well as a Song Easter Egg Teddy Bear. There are a few locations that i've personally seen it, but i think there are quite a few.

The Next level up has no weapons or perks but does contain element for begin the second step of the easter egg. Once the power is on it only be reached by breaking a window in that section of the map.. If possible get everyone to knife him at the same time and continue doing that.

Mule Kick is located here and costs 4000 points, making it the most expensive perk yet. Mostly because of stupid 10-15 year olds who can't take the time to simply read. Note-The rooms we just went through with the generator pillars have the Hacker tool somewhere on the desks.

in game text) to breathe.

Go down those stairs and turn right, you should see a mystery box spawn point next to a bunch of control panels.

Zombies spawn out of the ceiling and ground. There are no weapons in this room. Follow the stairs in this room, there is another similar room above it. double7s: 2: 10/8 5:40PM: New player MP progress is not being saved. It has a Mystery Box location in a cramped area next to a window. The second part are two tunnels that are identical and have openings to each other in the middle. Moon is also the first map to occur in two locations: Nevada, USA; and Griffin Station. More Info Overview.

The Astronaut walks slowly. The staircase to the third level had a landing in the middle and if you go directly up it and turn 180 degress the Bowie Knife ( 3000 points) is on the staircase wall and requires the players to jump to reach it only if the power has not yet been turned on. Turn left and go around the thing, and behind it is another one, with the power switch on it. On the other side is a small pyramid that contains Samantha Maxis, Dr. Ludwig Maxis's daughter, and is a big part of the Easter Eggs. This area gains gravity and air once power is restored, but if the windows are shot out it loses both. The Hacker is located on one of six desks in any of these levels. This bear, after purchasing the door, is directly to your right. Also once the power is on and the Excavators begin to activate, one of three panels in this room will have to be hacked to control it. When you see the black pyramid, turn right and you will see another set of stairs. The windows to the outside can be shot out causeing permanent decompression and can be broke from the inside or outside of the rooms. More guides will be coming soon for other maps. The teleporter is in a "hole" in the ground and once you step down onto you can jump down though a hole to the power room if you're looking for a quick escape. It contains the MP5K and has two windows. When you run out of ammo, likely around about round 2-3, just knife. Seperated by a door with air locks on two sides, the Moon area is permanently decompressed. Also, the AK-74u is located next to the opening to the teleporter. Go up these, and open the door.Path to the moon: After opening the first door at the top of the stairs you just went up, there are a bunch of generator pillars littered around the room, with double tap against the wall. In front of the power switch, behind the mass of generators that it's attached to, there is a black pyramid.

Also has two parts, the first being a cramped computer room that has the PM63 next to a door that costs 1000 points. You can see a box spawn. The perk machine there alternates between speed cola and Juggernog every time you teleport. Overview .

Is the room that contains the power switch and is always low-air and gravity enviornment. The room also holds a secret switch that is a vital importance to "Cryogenic Slumber Party" easter egg.

Then run around knifing (both of you) and don't shoot any bullets. Once the power is on a door in the floor will open giving players a quick escape from the Moon Landing to the Spawn room by way of a Levitation Pad. The Labs has three levels.

Avoid the spaceman and don't let him grab you. This tunnel can become decompressed if an excavator is allowed to breach it. It is rectangular in shape and has two cliffs that players can fall off and permanently die for a round. Keep opening those doors on that path, until you get the blue tinted area, maze sort of thingy. Plus tapes around Moon have shown that Richtofen has interacted with the pyramid which had sent him to Shangri-La as well. Be cautious of the jump pad, right in front of the door to the bio-dome. Zombies spawn out of the bare ground above and three windows. Zombies will spawn out of four windows and the bare ceiling in this tunnel. I hate that you tend to get tl;dr on FPS boards like CoD. This area is also time-based, so leaving the area or dying would result in simply being timed through seconds, minutes, and hours. The box will be there somewhere. This tunnel can become decompressed if an excavator is allowed to breach it. Go for the box if it's there. Zombies come out of the ground and come from areas of plant growth. Have fun!Thanks for the contribution, I didn't know about the D115 disassembler thing, or that speed cola speeds up hacking time.You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. If you grab it, you can hack things, which produces various effects; however it takes away your PES suit, making you unable to breathe in most places on the map.Finding the Box: Next to one of the doors in this room, there is a window. This area is outside, mostly directly below the Spawn Room, and is permanently low-gravity and with no air. Instead of the traditional round transitions, an air raid alarm goes off to signal the next round. Hanger 18 in Area 51 is the starting area of Moon. Activate the power. Hey, it's no problem. It will launch you on to a series of jump pads. It is an open area with a mystery box location next to a rock that is in the ofset center. Unlike the spawn room doors these have to be opened independently costing 1500 points to open both of them. Save up 2500 points, go back to earth and buy Juggernog. Along the edge of the teleporter is a ledge players can use to acces the Bio Dome through a door that costs 1250 points.

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