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The bike is beautifully put together with quality components and switch gear. A Haynes or Clymer is a must.sat nav 5 , wonder wheel, esa, quick shift pro, auto lights, brembo`s, cornering abs, dash, riding modes all work well, tyre pressure sensors work, even tell you pressure. Not only that but it does it with such ease, comfort and sweet handling.Breaks are very strong although they don't bite immediately and take a small amount of lever travel before they engage. How would they sleep at night? Appeared in the Summer 2015, BMW Motorcycle Magazine.

Never been near a salted road though. They prove that they know what a motorcycle should look like. Ride quality is very smooth and comfortable. The bike is great from the factory and the after market crap that gets fitted might not be the next would be owners choice.Grunt is the one word I'd use to sum this bike up! It’s just that, as with their car division, BMW seems to reward visually impaired designers. There’s no reason that “style” means rear of the bike must come up to a sharp point.Agreed. Massive improvement over the telelever shod BMW`s old and new. That jibes well with BMW’s claim of … Overall the fairing is an effective foil against the wind and cold, and even provides a little more protection for your legs than the R. Engine heat was never an issue on either bike, though the catalytic converter can bake your right foot on long rides in warm weather.BMW’s Integral ABS is part of the R and RS braking packages, which include identical radial-mount opposed 4-piston calipers and dual discs up front and a single disc with a 2-piston caliper in back. BMW are trying to frighten spectators with an aggressive alien monster look. Lovely two up bike .

Are they trying to appeal to five year olds?I cannot find anything on these bikes that provides any kind of visual harmony.BMW used to make beautiful motorcycles. Read our in-depth, expert 2015 BMW R1200R review on MCN - a classic roadster with a 21st century twist. Perhaps it is their contribution to disability awareness.Why, oh why, is there not a good seat for a passenger? A slightly less ‘future feel’ outlook from your biking?

So at town speeds, the extra weight of the RS would increase fuel consumption, but at higher speeds, the reduction in resistance from the wind would reduce fuel consumption.

Below 6,000 rpm where most business is done, the boxer stays smooth despite the snarl emanating from the exhaust; above that some vibes make their way into the grips, footpegs and seat until redline pulls the plug at 9,000 rpm. We much preferred the taller, closer bar on the R for most riding, as it allows a relaxed seated position and provides more leverage.Although you lean slightly forward on the R, at very high speeds you still have to fight back against the wind a bit. Not so on the RS, since you’re leaned well forward and the fairing and windscreen shield the rider’s torso. Step this way sir… I’m certain there are a few die-hard BMW fans out there who don’t want to join the race to ‘tech-up’ motorcycling. The paint system on the rims is a bit shallow. For much of that long history it was the only engine layout BMW offered. With its lighter weight, better handling and more comfortable ergonomics—not to mention lower cost—the R 1200 R is the better boxer brother.Why is it that every single piece of these BMWs has been deliberately designed to look as insectile and ugly as possible? On the other hand, the RS felt a bit mushy and vague when pushed in Road mode, particularly at higher speeds, but upping the damping to Dynamic quickly cured the problem.

Very heavy when not moving or stopping on a hill/slope, can be very worrying at time.Brakes: are great but take their time to kick in, on my last bike the bite was straight away and it stopped on the stop, but with this big, they take longer to engage and it seems to like stopping over a longer distance, should be ok, but have had a couple of hairy moments.

At that level it was great value.BMW are never terribly generous with spec and you have to pay for it. The first motorcycle to be badged as a BMW was the R32, a stylish black beauty with white pinstriping that produced all of 8.5 horsepower from its 494cc flat-opposed twin-cylinder engine. June 13, … Hooligan mode riding will reduce it to 45 mpg but motorway riding will see 55+ mpg. Road Test: 2015 BMW R1200R. Can not see me chopping it in for the Shift cam any time soon.Back brake is very good, great engine braking, quick shift works a treat when you get used to it, especially the down shifts.

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