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You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. spiel ist seit mehreren Monaten heraus. Can u pls tell me when the new levels are coming out.

En quelques secondes, vous pourrez résoudre le niveau qui vous bloque ! You can enjoy Brain Test alone in your room, but it can sometimes be even more fun when played with others like friends or family.If you need more explanation please watch easy detailed walkthrough in this video :Brain Test Answers (Updated on July 29) All Levels [1-304+]Brain Test Level 91 Complete the leve please AnswerBrain Test Level 38 It is too dark!

Parfois, le texte de la question doit être pris de manière trop littérale, parfois – regardez attentivement les mots et les objets affichés à l’écran.

Share Article: Tags: Brain Test 2 Bad Luck Betty Level 8 Answers. THIS IS AN INDEPENDENT, UNOFFICIAL WEBSITE.Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Brain Test 2 Paula der Pechvogel Level 19 Lösungen werdet ihr hier bei uns finden. If you want some answers then scroll Level 35 isn’t what i have.

The letter “E” occurs twice in a ‘week’, once in a ‘year’ and never in a ‘month’.From the first box remove left, right and the bottom matchstick to make it “T”.Then, from the second box remove the right matchstick make it “E”.Then, from the third box remove the top and bottom matchstick to make it “N”.Block his nose by hold top on his nose, that will make him fly.First, take out matchstick from the matchbox and light it and then fire the cannon which will make the rat fall into the cat’s mouth.To get 9 candies, tap the lid to open it, then flip the phone over and three will fall out.

Es ist ein Puzzlespiel, das seit mehreren Wochen auf iOS und Android verfügbar ist und dessen Entwickler es geschafft hat. Just follow the order and tap. Put one finger on Jack’s head, then drag it over to the girl’s paper to help Jack look at her paper and steal her answers. CATCH IT BEFORE MY MOM SUFFERERS A HEART ATTACK]Just click on both valves to close the pipe now click on mice and it will go inside, then use the last valve to trap it inside the pipeline.Just drag the pentagon (or trapezoid or biggest shape on-screen) near the cutter or knife to make a rectangle.Use two fingers to hold the mouth of the alligator then use the third finger to get his wallet back.There is a hidden cloud behind the tree, so just drag it and hide the sun to freeze the water, then click on the car to pass the level.You have to make sure that no one eats multiple donuts, so just feed them once in order to complete this level.There is a video icon below screen near hint, so all you have to do is drag that video icon inside the laptop to play the video.You have to adjust the mirrors in the position that the light of the torch will go to the cup and that will gonna make the coffee warm.All three shapes will fit only in the 1st box, so just put them all inside 1st box to solve this level.Use the vertical matchstick of “+” sign and put inside the “9” to make is “8” and the equation will be corrected to “8-3=5”.Use the order of their quantity to solve this level, so just use the order: “apple-cherry-banana-grapes”.Pull up the candles and you will see how much candles are on the cake, and that’s how old he is.She’s so bad that she can’t hit her target, so just zoom in the target to make it bigger and then she will be able to hit it.Click on this level and use this image to help the rat.Think of this as the gear of the car, so after 5th gear what comes is “reverse”, so just put “R” in the place of the question mark to solve this level.The text “car” text inside the question is slowest because it’s not even moving, so just click on “car” to pass this level.You can drag the “7+6+”, so just drag it out of the screen and the equation will work properly.1st person is wearing a yellow wig, so just remove it to pass the level.Drag all the snowballs and merge them with the right kid’s ball, which will make a very big ball and he will win the snowball fight.Just rotate your phone to the left to pass the level.Drag the boy’s mouth near those honking things to know that which one is longest, then click on it to pass the level.Honey comes from the bees bro… Just click on the “bee” text in the question to pass the level.Slide-out the purse out of his pocket and after that click on it to remove the money. HOW LONG WOULD IT TAKE TO COOK 5 CHICKENS]Just cook all those 5 chickens at the same time, so cooking 5 chickens will take also “5” minutes.There’s a spider on the big boy’s shoulder, drag that spider into that green chemical box, then drag that spider near that small boy so that spider can give him superpowers to let him fight with bullies.That “o-t-t-f-f-s-s-e-?” has a secret code if you notice.O- one, t- two, t- three, f- four, f- five, s- six, s-seven, e- eight, so the next thing(?) !thxthxrhx!On level 227 I’m really confused because it makes no sense, there is no different coloured ball? In Brain Test 2, losung Heute zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie das Brain Test 2 Paula der Pechvogel Level 8 erfolgreich abschließen können. Brain Test 2 bietet eine brandneue IQ-Reise mit vielen interessanten und coolen Funktionen zum Erkunden. Solltet ihr bei irgendeinem Level feststecken und nicht mehr weiterkommen, dann könnt ihr bei uns die Antwort finden. En général, le test difficile est un excellent jeu pour ceux qui veulent développer une pensée innovante et qui sont prêts à résoudre des énigmes complexes.En plus des tâches intéressantes, le jeu mérite également d’être salué pour son graphisme agréable créé dans un style plat moderne. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. I suspect she is gassy AnswerBrain Test Level 142 The student can’t think of an answerBrain Test Level 102 Please help me find my socks AnswerBrain Test 2 Tom’s Adventure Level 9 He is very tired Answer

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