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Who knows, maybe a higher force is just telling us to stop playing the damn game once in a while... :uhhuh: Waiting for your help, best regards. Since you've tried everything, perhaps switching videomodes as shadow_247 said can fix the error.Interestingly enough, I saw that error, but not in D2. I had this error too in the past, though not too often. Click the Compatibility tab and check the box to run compatibility mode. Just a theory, but could it be tied to MH, or duped crap? Kingdom9214 124,921 views 2:30 Diablo 2 LoD any% FIX COMPATIBILITYFollow these video instructions to … Whether you need help, want to trade, or you're just looking to chat- come join us!Press J to jump to the feed. Thanks in advance!I think the issue is probably the windows DEP?? Right click the Game.exe and/or Diablo II.exe and go to Properties. All result in the same error trying to launch D2MultiResTried using combinations of PlugY (If I included D2Multi, I just get a memory read error) and D2SE.
I changed it to block all programs EXCEPT and I added:And now it works! Even mailed Blizzard about it and they came up with some crappy solution which of course didn't work at all.Make sure your an administrator and not a user...when your a user you have limited acess to certain programs...only the administrator can designate wheather you can or cannot use a program...so make sure your set as the administrator (this is windows im assuming? ... Unhandled Exception: Access_Violation (C0000005) Updated: 8 months ago Article ID: 27703 Relevant Products: ... (Windows/ Mac) to find the faulty files. StarCraft®: Remastered. Perhaps there's an overload of it and it infects your character file from being around so much of it?

When I was playing the Eastern Sun Mod on the Chaos Empire Server by mistake that happened when a certain spell showed up (One with a different image due to the Eastern Sun Mod, and a normal image on the Chaos Empire Server).I never had these problems until patch 1.10.

Oh and I have tried all the above suggestions. Reinstalling wouldn't help any either. Ever since then, the game has been continually interrupted by numerous c0000005's, sprite decompression errors, corrupted data file errors, and about two other types of errors. Now, I get this error and more every now and then. There is information about my pc, etc. Edit: Has been fixed, thanks D3 Community manager PezRadar for the update )I had the same problem untill I mounted the rom as an image on a virtual drive, and started using a GlideFX wrapper. just a slight correction (I thought something's not right here) I was talking about Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V aka copy-paste, not select all / copy to clipboard, I use Shift-End to select. THANK YOU! Running Diablo II on Windows 10 can be a little problematic so here is a quick guide to help smooth things out. :clap: But when i tried it on my desktop it gives me UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: ACCESS_VIOLATION (c0000005) after i clicking battle.net. Then when I relaunch D2 I am unable to join games for a few minutes. Be warned, double check the buff indicator and remake a game until it shows the community event is active. I'm usings windows 7 64bit Intelcore i5-4570 ram 16Gb Diablo 2 Unhandled Exception Access Violation C00005 Windows 10 and Path of Exile, two of the best ARPGs in existence. I did notice it occuring more frequently when I hopped into baal runs too. :clap: Windows 10 + D2MultiRes = UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: ACCESS_VIOLATION (c0000005) Long, long story short: I've played D2: LoD with D2MultiRes on multiple machines on multiple OS' over the years with little to no problems with some tweaking. Don't know what really was the cure, but I haven't seen the problem since.I had this error too in the past, though not too often.

11:19:11.040 Base:070F0000h Size: 7000h Name:IX86ver1.dll Path:C:\Diablo II113d\IX86ver1.dll … and lots of other stuff. I do what anyone else would do...I use ctrl A and then ctrl C to make gettin into the next game faster...and then boom it happens after about three times or so in doin it. You must log in or register to reply here. Does this error happens only on the realms? I've spent the last three days and nights banging my head against the wall trying to get it working on my main Windows 10 x64 gaming machine with no luck. Dez Diablo 2: kann man das Diablo 2 auch mit windows 8 spielen? I can get the game working fine but without D2MultiRes but stuck at 800x600, even with Glide, on a 32" 4K monitor is just painful.Here are all the things I've tried without success:Installed D2 + LoD from scratch from CDs, updated manually to 1.12aSet D2Multi,Game.Exe, etc to Windows XP and Admin compatibility (even tried all the 8 bit modes, disabled full screen, etc)Tried all the command line options like -w, -direct, -text and I've tried in Glide, DirectDraw 2D, 3D, etc. 11. I think from this log it follows that it’s just the game.exe which needs treatment. Long, long story short: I've played D2: LoD with D2MultiRes on multiple machines on multiple OS' over the years with little to no problems with some tweaking. Does it originate as a server issue? On two sets we got 10 horodric chests, on two other sets we only got the standard 5 chests. So you reformatted your entire computer, and still got the error after reinstalling?

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