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You can download it via Github (You may also build your own Countly on Digital Ocean, using this 1-click installer: PS: How about turning this list into a Github repo so others can also comment and contribute?Hi Gorkem – thanks for the info. UI is nice. (What a synthetic life.) And really, Tails should only be used from a live usb. Of all browser choices, Chrome is probably the worst and hopefully more people are waking up to the facts. Do not hesitate to check it out: Any suggestions for using an alternative to Google Slide Show Sharing system…I have been using it for my alternative news channel called, Digileakcanada.weebly.comI can download and archive the slide shows to my own hard drive in case they disappear on line.I like the slide format to layout my news research and share with others. Minimum payout is $20 and payment modes are PayPal, ACH, Check, or Wire. It worked, I was able to get rid of Chrome and Google Partner Services and the apps that needed those two applications still work.Copying the Work Profile Setup APK to a new folder in /system/app and deleting the original Work Profile Setup APK seems to have fixed issues with apps crashing in work profiles in the custom ROM I am using.I dare not try to go any deeper into swapping out system files since everything else works. It's just as relevant and current today as it was then, so we've bumped it as part of our #ThrowbackThursday initiative.Google Maps is getting more detailed and more colorfulSamsung promises Galaxy owners years of Android updatesRAM and SSD prices will soon plummet due to oversupply and weak demandAMD or Intel for GeForce RTX 3080 Benchmarking: Is PCIe 4.0 a Factor?You need to be a member to leave a comment.
It’s still really new but it’s improving very quickly. for the WaPo article about Chrome“Our latest privacy experiment found Chrome ushered more than 11,000 tracker cookies into our browser in a single week. One negative is that it is currently only available for iOS, but sounds interesting nonetheless. Would be nice to add itHi Sven, I am having problems with Google voice and I do not understand how to setup the alternative you listed. For example, this month’s July security update requires Broadcom WiFi firmware security fixes along with a bunch of other fixes to proprietary components. But not everyone gets approved, and accounts could also get suspended. Then I tried apkmirror and Fdroid, but their selections were just too small. Price for 400Go is 50€/year 100€/y for 2To. It basically is nothing more than a glorified soapbox where actual social interaction does not really occur other than getting likes. There is an option to see visitors in last 24h or 30m? Face it: Google runs your life. And makes migration from gdrive simple by enabling the connection of the said drive into the service and simply copying the files.Hi Sven, very informative site. Also, learning how to use iptables would be beneficial.Thanks, where do I find information about iptables ? What’s the URL? One other, OI, is no longer available. While slightly better, Apple also collects user data and has The biggest alternative to Android is iOS from Apple. It would be nice to see a comparison between the messengers like wire, telegram, signal etc. Now I’m looking to move off Google, gmail, FB, and YT due to their heavy-handed censorship of anyone questioning current events opposite ‘controlled and approved mainstream media’ slant.I can’t find Maps on Fdroid anymore, so it’s basically dead i guess ?Second! Of course this raises not just privacy concerns but antitrust concerns as well, however the regulators seem to be asleep at the switch. I am not a programmer or anything close to any kind of expert.
Your most important data lives on Google's servers. What started me was free information was being removed from the internet and I was no longer able to find searches that enhanced ways of living.

Looking forward to updates. Then, when looking for alternatives, I discovered Tineye. Its basically like a less interesting form of Instagram.Regarding a reasonably secure & privacy “friendly” Mobile OS alternative to stock Android, what would be the better alternative: What steps can be taken to make an Android device (such as the Nexus 6P) as security and privacy focused as reasonably possible (considering that mobile devices are inherently insecure and invasive)? In that case, should be removed from the list as well, as it actually has 20(!) He’s very much into privacy and freedom of speech.Hi, I can’t find Real.Video and would love a good alternative to YouTube. Great search results too – much like Google.I’d like to ask you to please consider Plausible Analytics as a privacy friendly Google Analytics alternative. It ended up causing more problems than it is worth. Nonetheless, there are still better options for privacy.A few Google Maps alternatives for mobile devices include:Note: Waze is not an “alternative” as it is owned by Google.Currently the best Google Play Store alternative is to use Want to ditch the Chromebook and Chrome OS? This one should be included in this list.There are not so many differences between those companies. When I can afford it, I would really like to donate money, but I have not yet learned how to use cryptocurrency. if I wanted to use Google, I’d got to Google.SwissCows translation is down right now. This is definitely not a privacy-focused business model in any event, so I’m wary of using any Zoho products given its focus on “visitor tracking… social marketing… artificial intelligence… analytics” noted on the Zoho CRM home page!Hi, please include which is Swiss company and they have ultra secure 2-in-1 password manager and file manager.

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