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Es wurden zahlreiche Fehler beseitigt und weitere Dialoge freigeschaltet. Der Community Patch enthält Fehlerbehebungen und zahlreiche sinnvolle Änderungen an dem Spiel, damit ihr es nun endlich genießen könnt. Use at your own risk!+ The "stage directions" (instructions about what gesture a NPC should make while saying a certain text) were moved from the stringtable to the info files.+ For modders: InfoType=7 adapted from Forsaken Gods.+ For modders: New info file parameter "SuppressLog".+ For modders: New info commands "Humanize", "GiveAll", "FailQuest", "JoinPlayer".+ For modders: New condition "CondPlayerPartyMember".+ For modders: New quest type "13" (spell quests) adapted from Forsaken Gods.- Corrected height calculation in mission log window.+ For modders: Implemented the possibility of quest descriptions (QuestDescription).+ For modders: Included possibility of non-random trade inventories (gETreasureDistribution_Trade_NotRandom).+ For modders: Traders are now able to sell quest items.+ The hero doesn't put away his staff or torch anymore when eating fruit, meat, fish, or bread.+ For modders: Two new commands "ShowGameMessage" and "AddQuestLog" added to the script array of item templates.+ For modders: New property "FullBody" included in Item_PS.- NPCs don't stand inside other NPCs while having a smalltalk conversation.- The hero can't swim underneath water lily leaves anymore.- Removed invisible barricades from the stairs of the tower above Faring.- The hero's companions won't be injured by his area spells.+ Arena combatants will wake up from unconsciousness sooner than other NPCs.- Bug resolved where the hero could be attacked by animals after he enchanted them with the spell "Summon animals".- Ice golems now use the spell "ice lance" on long distances.- Dead NPCs can't be reanimated by using the "Attack" command in Info files.+ Mummies now hit slightly earlier, faster and more often than before.- No "machine gun"-like attacks from Ogres and "Temple guards" anymore.+ NPCs who watch fights will occasionally give remarks now when the hero hits his opponent.- Effect of the console commands "Kill" and "Defeat" on animals and monsters corrected.- Burning or poisoned NPCs only die from fire or poison when they are hostile to the hero.+ If the hero opens a chest with the proper key, NPCs don't care about the looting.- NPCs with PAL_Pirate now react on aggressive animals and monsters.- Animal companions don't take part in combats of other NPCs anymore.- Companion won't slide around after being dismissed while waiting.- The spell "Banish evil" can't be waisted on inappropriate enemies anymore.+ For modders: The description of the HP, SP and MP gain at shrines now results from the TeachAttribValue of the corresponding info file.- The hero isn't able to go to sleep, open chests, sit down, sharpen any weapons or use other interactive objects while being under attack.+ If the hero can't use an interactive object, a scroll message will inform about the necessary item.+ If the hero sits down on a chair or a bench, he slowly regenerates life energy.+ For modders: There's a new attribute KeyAmount in the Lock-PS of chests. Then destroying their magic spells and fighting against them with w… (0) Might & Magic Heroes 6 06. The ultimate source of games patches & addons on the web for Gothic 3  Top 10 01. patches... Last edited by Pasqualle ; Feb 3, 2017 @ 4:46am patches... Last edited by Pasqualle ; Feb 3, 2017 @ 4:46am New … file size 1515.4 MB.

I've installed through Steam and I'm using the branch cpt_1.75_testbranch, which I'm assuming is patch 1.75, but still the mouse is not working in-game. Hey leute ich wollte nur mal fragen ob das spiel auch für windows 10 läuft und wenn ja was ich sonst noch dafür brauche z.b. Dort findet ihr auch weitere Details zu den einzelnen Versionen. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts (+2) Euro Truck Simulator 09. This thread is archived. …

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