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Now shoot each car with a missile in quick succession. They are mainly found in D.U.P command center areas. Wait on a road until 5 cars are lined up in front of you.

To unlock a district showdown you must bring the enemy control within a territory below 30%. Press Square on surrendering enemies to finish them off as well.This trophy will come over time as long you are selecting all of the Good Karma choices during the story. They are marked by a red dot with a music note in it. Like the previous This trophy should earned during your Evil Karma play-through. mobile command center the Shard locations for that section of the map will show up.

You need to land at street level to get the full distance. Now all you need to do is jump off the edge of the building and hover using either If you don't want to wait until post game, you can do this after unlocking the Video Power. This essentially allow you to shoot lasers and such. Now, you need to fill your karma meter up in order to use the orbital strike move. You should wait with this until you have done the combat related trophies so you don't have to get them in your next playthrough.There are a total of 13 districts to clear in the game. Cars spawn there randomly and sometimes you can find more than 5 parked vehicles in one location.Alternatively, you can use the smoke powers karmic move, orbital strike. mobile command centers to reveal the locations of the Hidden Camera missions. The trophy will unlock after the credits.

The drug dealers are better to use to earn this trophy as they are usually in a large group and stand near each other.– Use a Karmic Streak attack to defeat exactly one enemy.Smoke, Neon, and Video all have the Karmic Streak ability. out of half the districts in the cityDefeat an enemy using three different power sourcesDash through two red air vents without touching the ground and then Comet Drop on an enemyUse a Karmic Streak attack to defeat exactly one enemyDestroy 10 yellow coloured pens by walking up to them and swiping the touchpad. Make sure you have 3 or more enemies close to each other. Healing civilians, busting drug dealers, rescuing escaped conduits, and freeing suspected conduits from pens will also gain you Good Karma.This trophy will come over time as long as you are selecting all of the Evil Karma choices during the story. Follow the video below!This trophy is easiest earned after you’ve beat the story. Kill all enemies on the roof but one, then use the Smoke Drop karmic streak by pressing the down button on the d-pad Clear the D.U.P. It makes it much faster to farm karma, well good karma anyway. Then when you have the Comet Drop you will be placed over a ledge with 4-5 people on the bottom, press  To clear all the D.U.P. Walk around until you're in the camera's sight, then turn and keep checking until you're facing it the camera, then it should be easy to do.

These are crates that have an explosive symbol on the side of them, and they explode when you shoot them. Go to the tallest skyscraper on the northern island. inFAMOUS Second Son Trophy Guide by PowerPyx. You will more than likely unlock this on your evil playthough near the end of the game. Stencil Art is an easy minigame where you spray paint pictures onto walls by holding the controller sideways. These mobile commands are shown on the map from the beginning on. They are marked by a red dot with sign in it. This may sound confusing, but it's actually pretty easy to do and you'll be given these karmic streak moves to use without even trying half the time.This trophy will be obtained during your good karma playthrough. They are located on drones and you get some when you destroy the D.U.P command centers and scanning stations. Just keep going around completing drug bust activities and healing civilians until you get to level 5. If they see you first, they’ll take off and you’ll have to chase them down and defeat em. This can still be done after clearing the zone of enemies. Smoke Dash into an Airvent, Fall or hover back down to another air vent and dash into it again before hitting the ground and then comet drop on an enemy.

They also do keep spawning after beating the story and after clearing out all D.U.P.

mobile command center(s) in any given district. out of a district you must destroy the D.U.P. Fully upgrade this ability so that you can carry five missiles. Clear HALF of the districts. The Sulfur Bomb is unlocked in the very beginning of the game and can be used by pressing About 1/4 into the game, you will meet fetch, one of the escaped conduits you are after. mobile command. This can be done by doing side activities and finding collectibles. Sign in to follow this . After beating the final mission you need to return to this place in free roam mode. mobile command centers to reveal the locations of the Informant side missions in each district. Activated by going on a certain buildboard that is shown when unlocked via a mini cutscene when you unlock it. When there is only 1 enemy left, press Down on the D-Pad to use the Karmic Streak.Thank you for using our guide! Here is what you should do to get this trophy in the quickest time possible.Hopefully post game you should be near the end of level 4. Use the smoke Karmic streak almost anywhere theres a car or 2. Please note that you can only choose this mission if you have evil karma, you cannot do it if you have good karma. It will roughly take 15-20 minutes to clear a district.There are a total of 13 districts to clear in the game. Once they are all defeated the Showdown is complete. This trophy is the harder out of the two, as getting good karma is harder than getting bad karma.

But say in those kills, I performed a bad karma move by shooting an enemy in the head, it would reset the meter and I would need to get 7 kills again. Below is a video guide that will help in finding all cameras easily.

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