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He is destined to be remembered as the commissioner who allowed sign-stealing and a tainted World Series on his watch.Dan Shaughnessy is a Globe columnist. We’ve never this seen many players openly calling for a reversal of judgment.“We thought about it,’’ Manfred said.

Carolina Reaper Hot: Aaron Judge

But MLB needs buy-in from all involved—that includes players, coaches, front office, medical staffs and yes, even you, Commissioner Manfred—to survive this crisis. But that’s not going to help in the court of public opinion or in clubhouses from Fort Myers to Scottsdale, where just about everybody thinks the commish should reconsider his decision to let the Astros keep their title.The groundswell to vacate the championship has gained momentum since training camps opened. (Charles Fox/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP) PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The remainder of the Phillies’ home-and-home series against the New York Yankees was postponed amid coronavirus concerns Tuesday in the wake of an outbreak involving another team. “You’re a joke.’’“I don’t agree with the punishments, the players not getting anything,’’ said never-controversial Angels star Mike Trout.“He set a weak precedent,’’ said Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner. Selig is remembered as the Steroid Commissioner who canceled the World Series in 1994 because of a labor crisis.Manfred’s legacy-defining moment is here. And the pressure to strip the Stros is mounting.It’s a nightmare for Manfred, the longtime baseball attorney Manfred never wanted these cheating allegations to go public. The Angels are an MLB worst 9-21 despite their awesome lineup.

This is a new situation. There is no precedent for what the Astros did.
The beleaguered Rob Manfred is right in the middle of it all, trying to hold his sport together while it springs leaks in every direction. “I’m a precedent guy.

These are dark days for baseball, and for its commissioner. Manfred has proof. The Phillies were supposed to host the Yankees on Monday and Tuesday and play them in …

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 17: Mike Trout #27 of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the American League and Aaron Judge #99 of the New … He can be reached at The Angels are an MLB worst 9-21 despite their awesome lineup.

Mike Trout's card goes for almost $4 million though!

The remainder of the Phillies' home-and-home series against the New York Yankees was postponed amid coronavirus concerns Tuesday in the wake of an outbreak involving another team. Aaron Civale was determined to … Morning Wood 8/25: Pujols Moves Past A-Rod, The Angels Are An Embarrassment, And Trevor Ba...Morning Wood 8/21: The Slam Diego Padres Are The Most Electric Team In BaseballTrevor Bauer Makes His Morning Wood Debut To Explain His Cleats Debacle With Rob Manfred a...Morning Wood 8/19: Yu Darvish is Filthy, Maeda Almost Throws a No-No, the Red Sox are Hist...Morning Wood 8/18: Hey Fernando Tatis Jr, Swing The Bat Whenever The Hell You WantMorning Wood 8/17: The A's Are Ridiculous, The Yankees/Red Sox Rivalry is Dead, Mike Clevi...Morning Wood 8/14: Yu Darvish Shoved, The Red Sox Are An Abomination To Baseball, and Mook...Morning Wood 8/13: Zack Greinke Is Out Of His Mind, Aaron Boone Lied About Aaron Judge, An...Morning Wood 8/12: The Rockies Are Awesome And Charlie Blackmon Refuses To Get Out + Jose ...Morning Wood 8/11: Plesac/Clevinger, Stroman Opts Out, Mike Trout Still Unbelievable, And ...Morning Wood 8/10: Ramon Laureano Tried To Fight All Of The Astros, Fernando Tatis Jr, is ...Morning Wood 8/7: Eloy Made The Worst Play We've Ever Seen, Aaron Boone Yelled About An Ai...Morning Wood 8/6: Mike Trout's Dad Strength is a PROBLEM, the A's Keep on Rolling, and Jos...Morning Wood 8/5: Mike Trout Has Dad Strength, Osuna TJ Surgery, Drone Delays, The Rockies...Morning Wood 8/4: Heartbroken for Mike Soroka, Sonny Gray is Ridiculous, and Gerrit Cole i...Morning Wood 8/3: Aaron Judge is a Video Game Character Presented By BODYARMORThe Corp: Season 3 Is Here - With Special Guests Kevin Durant, Jimmy Fallon and Steve Madden Aaron Civale was so efficient with his pitch count that manager Terry Francona made him face an extra batter before his day was done.

Albert Pujols passes A-Rod on the all-time RBI list. He wanted to handle things in-house. Did you ever think you’d be longing for the good old days of commissioner Bud Selig?Wow.

And Trevor Bauer sets a record and has some fun with it along the way.
Aaron Judge said he was “sick to his stomach” when he first read details of the Astros’ cheating scheme. “So now anyone who goes forward and cheats to win the World Series, they can live with themselves knowing that, ‘Oh, it’s OK.’ ’’It would be hard to find the bottom of the trash can for Manfred thus far, but it probably came Tuesday in Arizona when he apologized for calling the World Series trophy ““I referred to the World Series trophy in a disrespectful way,’’ Manfred said. “I want to apologize for it.’’Swell. It never happened in baseball.’’He added that he had reservations about “where it would lead.’’Bogus.

Mike Trout's card goes for almost $4 million though! They cheated, got caught, and confessed.

“You didn’t earn it.

That’s how I feel: It wasn’t earned.’’Aaron Judge is the latest star to take shots at the way the Houston sign-stealing saga has played out.More than (alleged) buzzer-wearing Jose Altuve, more than trash-can-banging Alex Cora, more than loathsome Astros owner Jim Crane (who said What about punishing the players who actually cheated and admitted it?Some of the game’s stars have unloaded on the commissioner.“You have absolutely no clue about baseball,’’ charged Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer. Commissioner Rob Manfred said the soonest the Marlins could resume their schedule is Wednesday, when they are set to play in Baltimore.

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