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"Unofficial assignment from an international coalition force.

Eradicate the remaining forces hiding out in remote regions of the country and ensure the election is a success.Unlock requirements: Complete Mission 1: Phantom Limbs "Confidential assignment from an Eastern nation. "Assignment from the president of a minor South American nation that has just shifted to civil government. A Soviet soldier who had been collaborating with the CIA has gone missing. To stop the leak, shut down the facility's oil transfer pump, and use explosives to destroy the oily water separator tank. "Top secret assignment from a Western nation.

Prevent the assassination, and protect the president.Unlock requirements: Complete Mission 6: Where Do the Bees Sleep? Stand at the starting point and press the Action Button ( Destroy all the shooting targets on the platform within the time limit. Recover the U.S. military's new weapon, code-named Honey Bee, hidden at Smasei Fort. If nothing is done, they are in danger of being slaughtered. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Extract the highly-skilled soldier from among the enemy ranks. Eliminate the CFA official stationed at Nova Braga Airport. Secure the blueprint to help advance R&D at Mother Base.
Stand at the starting point and press the Action Button ( Dispatch missions are optional combat deployments that the player can send squads of the Combat Unit (sometimes with other teams) on to earn distinguished service medals en masse, additional staff members, plants, processed resources and currency.

Eliminate as many fighting vehicles as possible in order to weaken the Soviets' reinforcements. A drug cartel based in the nation has been expanding its forces, and is now big enough to threaten the government. Conduct a search-and-destroy operation and disrupt the cartel's drug distribution network. Skull Face has occupied the secret Soviet weapon design bureau OKB Zero, and advanced his plan to its final phase. Slow the advance of the hostile forces to buy time for the civilians to evacuate.Unlock requirements: Complete Mission 12: Hellbound Prevent the combat deployment of the upright bipedal weapon Sahelanthropus, and take vengeance on Skull Face.

Eliminate the six rebel Mbele soldiers taken prisoner by the ruling Buta tribe, to ensure they cannot talk. Mission Description. The Laboratory has been sealed off, and contact has been lost with the men inside. It appears that OE, having lost its oil rights, is making a desperate last stand by attempting to take over a nation. Extract a soldier with the Russian language interpretation skill. In addition to the local PF guarding the mansion where he is located, an unidentified force has been observed operating in the area. Mission success ultimately comes down to chance since 100% success and 0% casualties are impossible probabilities to achieve due to both results being capped off at a certain amount for each mission, with a a base ceiling of 95% success and 3% casualties. "Assignment from a minor nation in Southeast Asia. Using the photograph in an informant's final transmission, retrieve the film canister containing classified information. Extract the highly-skilled soldier from among the enemy ranks. Extract Malak, the Mujahideen prisoner who is being held at Lamar Khaate Palace. The fifth mission of Metal Gear Solid V takes place in the enemy barracks, from which you need to extract the imprisoned engineer.There are several ways in which you can infiltrate the barracks and the description provide in this walkthrough makes it … Secure the blueprint to help advance R&D at Mother Base. Infiltrate the country, break through their security forces, and destroy all the enrichment facilities. Use this opportunity the eliminate all of them at once.

Eliminate all the Walker Gears deployed to Ditadi Abandoned Village

Secure the blueprint to help advance R&D at Mother Base. Stand at the starting point and press the Action Button ( Destroy all the shooting targets on the platform within the time limit. Key dispatch missions offer emblems and blueprints as rewards and revenge dispatch missions will eliminate one item from the enemy's arsenal (lower difficulty) for three sorties; both come at the cost of high casualty rates, with the former being the highest. STRATEGY GUIDE AND MAIN MISSIONS. OE's equipment has drastically improved; it seems someone is providing them with financial assistance.Unlock requirements: Complete Mission 16: Traitor's Caravan Extract the highly-skilled soldier from among the enemy ranks. A Middle Eastern oil nation has been invaded by the national army of its neighbor. Eliminate the OE force and retake the oilfield facility.Unlock requirements: Complete Mission 31: Sahelanthropus

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