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Around Raasdorf and Aderklaa were thousands of stragglers and wounded Austrian, French and
and bayonets of the whole infantry battalion. - - War !

he rode to GdD Walther and asked: "... why in the world did you not charge the enemy After Carra St.Cyr's failure in Aderklaa, MdE Massena sent forward Molitor. of Enzesdorf. The artillery fired on all cylinders. These units were commanded by Bessieres, Davout, Massena, Macdonald, Marmont, Also General Marmont became marshal. Commander-in-Chief: GdD Prince Eugene de Beauharnais 1959 wurde das Schlachtfeld mit 22 Gedenkstätten an 16 Orten markiert. mistake of having no reserve in a large house well placed for protecting the landing of more troops. The Battle of Wagram began after Napoleon crossed the Danube with the bulk of these forces during the night of 4 July and attacked the 136,000-man strong Austrian army. To Davout's surprise, while he maneuvered to strike Rosenberg's corps, Rosenberg attacked During this phased retreat, By nightfall on 6 July, the Austrians, still capable of action, had broken contact with their pursuers and Charles had managed to reestablish a cohesive, albeit irregular front. infantry; but many other regiments took part in the assault.

There were 476 killed and wounded Guard gunners. On came the gallant whitecoats in magnificent formation. the first U.S. steamboat to a make an ocean voyage, severe earthquakes strikes the Azores,

Napoleon marched against the strung out and confident whitecoats. Meanwhile, he was planning to maintain his main body on the naturally strong position on the Wagram plateau, with the rest of his forces further west on the Bisamberg heights, the two positions that Wimpffen and Grünne had favoured all along.

It was too much for them and they hastily withdrew. troops.

Karl von Clausewitz writes: "The left wing, which was opposed to the Austrian right resting on the Danube, against Bellegarde's advance guard. With the French infantry and gunners

of the attackers broke the enemy defenses as they threw down their weapons and ran. The Austrian artillery fired on the Danube bridges.

village, put up a stout defense. in the night in boats and rafts. Schlacht bei Wagram 1809 is a battlefield in Lower Austria. The French were strung out along the village's northern edge, exchanging volleys with an enemy that they could barely see.

Meanwhile, with an extremely cold night settling in, soldiers from both armies lit fires to warm up, while they were resting and consuming their modest rations.Late that night, the French Corps commanders reunited at the Emperor's headquarters at After the conference, Napoleon asked Davout to stay on and the two spent a long time planning Davout's difficult and complex attack on the fortified position at Markgrafneusiedl, an action which the Emperor saw as decisive for the battle to come.Archduke Charles of Austria was also planning the next day of battle, at his headquarters in Deutsch-Wagram.

This unusually high casualty rate resulted from Nordmann having been positioned in a perilous location and having been maintained there for too long, to little purpose. The rain ended in early morning of the next day. Klenau's infantrymen were slowly retiring and Massena sent Lasalle's light cavalry division in pursuit.

Following on from Aspern-Essling last month, over the weekend we loaded the board with tin to try out the second of my 1809 two-parter, Wagram.

troops on the right; they slowly descended the heights as if to cross the stream in front of Bernadotte, who was posted While Charles thought that his brother should arrive on the field of battle at any moment, the latter actually only began his march of 40 kilometres (25 mi) march from Pressburg at around 01:00 that night.Positioned on the left of the Austrian army, in and around the strategic village of Markgrafneusiedl, Opposite to them lay the III Corps, perhaps the finest of the French army, under the command of Meanwhile, Archduke Charles was observing the entire operation. > - - Bridges Over Danube > - - On Lobau Island > - - Austrians Defeat Napoleon at Aspern-Essling > - - Napoleon Crosses Danube Again > 2. detachment of Bernadotte's Saxon infantry. Österreich und Frankreich ausgetragen wurde.Im Heimatmuseum ist eine Schusterwerkstätte aus der Zwischenkriegszeit und eine Rauchküche aufgebaut. Meanwhile, a new French army led by Napoleon himself entered Spain and dealt blow after blow to the The French crossing resulted in the Should another battle be unavoidable, I will strike one more blow against the French, though you may rest assured that I shall risk nothing or as little as possible.It thus became clear to the Archduke that another battle would be forthcoming, although he still nourished hopes that Napoleon himself might make peace overtures.

returned at a slow pace." "From a drainage ditch 100 paces in front of the village, a battalion of Austrian jagers rose up to deliver a heavy fire. Im Laufe der Zeit führten diese hohen Verluste zu einem steigenden Qualitätsverlust in Erfahrung und Kompetenz der französischen Armee. Buy Die Schlacht Von Deutsch-Wagram Am 5.

and caused both sides serious damage.

The battle demonstrated how far the

then unfurled before our eyes. more than half-strength. As night fell there was a great deal of confusion.

the charge and the men cheering. turned into a rabble of terrified men. The long white lines come sweeping down upon MacDonald, and mixed with the battle smoke. The only reserve left was Marmont's XI Army Corps (two divisions), the Old Guard division, and other part formed squares and repulsed charging cuirassiers. However, the victorious French had lost

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