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The drone will revive the selected player.

The first enemy to walk inside the TRACKED area is MARKED.

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Acheter Maintenant. It dazes enemies, making them unable to aim down sights and also slows them down. Portuguese - Brazil

Epic, Epic Games, логотип Epic Games, Fortnite, логотип Fortnite, Unreal, Unreal Engine, логотип Unreal Engine, Unreal Tournament и логотип Unreal Tournament являются товарными знаками или зарегистрированными товарными знаками Epic Games, Inc. в США и во всём остальном мире. Discover massive regions inspired by Bolivia and South America, their stunning vistas and incredible diversity. RETOUR.

Make difficult but critical choices: sabotage, interrogation, kidnapping, and assassination are but a few of the options available for you to reach your objectives. Fairly normal stuff, but the demo explained, and showed, that you could approach the objective in a number of ways. Use 100 and get -20% You can get -20% on most items of the store in exchange for 100. Traditional Chinese

Связь потеряна.

C'est toujours vous qui décidez comment négocier chaque mission.

The ability is PASSIVE and PERMANENT.The Tank diverts attention away from teammates by drawing enemy fire and using thick armor to survive the attack.Instantly REMOVES all active MARKS on TEAMMATES, makes all teammates IMMUNE TO MARKING and BECOMES MARKED. Crie uma equipe com até 3 amigos no Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands e aventure-se nessa experiência de tiro militar em um mundo aberto gigantesco, perigoso e de ritmo acelerado. $13.36.


We're sorry, but you may not access this content due to age gate. Buy Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Standard Edition (PC, PS4, Xbox One) at the Official Ubisoft Shop and get 20% off with Club Units.

The area will be tracked until triggered, or a new area is selected.Mobile and stealthy, the Assassin is an expert in flanking and dispatching enemies with silenced weapons.Using his Jammer, the Tech can deny the enemy access to evaluate intel.Places a Jammer which disables any drones or Intel Antenna in its range. Ein offener Krieg ist keine Lösung.

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The ability is PASSIVE and PERMANENT.A scouting focused marksman, the Sentinel is the bane of flanking enemies.Select an area to be TRACKED.

Immerse yourself in Bolivian culture as you cross paths with inhabitants reacting to their own agendas and to the game’s day-night cycle and weather system.Lead a team of four Ghosts, the absolute best of the US military. Teamwork! All Rights Reserved.

The Jammer can be destroyed.A highly experienced soldier, the Pointman cannot be disrupted in any way.IMMUNE to SUPPRESSION and FLASHBANG grenades.

Black arrow pointing right.


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Игра содержит материалы, предназначенные для людей старше 18 летСЫГРАЙТЕ В BREAKPOINT — САМУЮ НОВУЮ ИГРУ СЕРИИ GHOST RECONСыграйте за Призрака — оперативника элитного американского спецподразделения, который оказался в тылу врага.

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TAKE DOWN THE CARTEL In a near future, Bolivia has fallen into the hands of Santa Blanca, a merciless drug cartel who spread injustice and violence.


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It was released on March 7th, 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Now armed with an extensive eye tracking feature set, team communication becomes more seamless, firefights become more intense and exploring your new surroundings becomes an even more immersive adventure.Compatible Eye Tracking Devices: Tobii Eye Tracker 4C, Alienware 17 Notebook, Acer Predator Notebook 21 X, MSI GT72 Notebook, Acer Predator Monitors Z301CT, Z271T, XB271HUTMind your play time to avoid game addiction. Aperçu Épisode 1 Épisode 2.


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