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You will come across a lever. Hold it and run on the wall - swing and jump towards the beam in the darkened part of the map. Reach its end and jump towards the chain. When you extend the bridges out of the hand and collapse the cylinders, you will reach a darkened place (by swinging on the chain beforehand). The first secret is lying on the third cylinder, not far from the beginning of the chapter. The only difficulty may be that these platforms will retract after a few seconds. Pull it up and watch the cut-scene.Use the nearby ladder and go down to the snow-covered shelf at the bottom. One of the monsters will join you.

Next, reach the next platform and then jump towards another pole. You have to move towards the top of the stone shelf. Uncharted 2 is an exclusive game prepared for PlayStation users only. Then, you will land on the floor below (and use a cogwheel beforehand). Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, een game waar veel PS3 bezitters al lange tijd naar uitkijken. The creatures grabs Nate - you have to shoot it in the head several times. Watch Queue Queue. Quickly collect the treasure and don't let go of the rope.The third secret is near the second one. You'll have to walk on it to complete the chapter. Move towards the big statue Inside, go up the stairs to the place located opposite of the entrance. Dat heeft Sony bekendgemaakt. Grab them and remember to change the position accordingly. After making a jump from the last row of cogwheels, you will land on a rod, and then on a snowy ledge. Dan moet het vast … They move up and down alternately.

Don't move between the weights by jumping - simply tilt the analog stick in the right direction.When this sequence is over, look around to find another rope. Signaler. Then use it again. You don't need to defeat them, simply survive long enough until the elevator arrives. Use the first one to ride up to the ceiling - don't jump on the next one. Jump down twice to reach the only structure that wasn't damaged.Go left and catch the golden decorative elements, the ones near the gear.

Jump towards the pole.Swing and then jump towards the mechanism with chains and weights. Grab them and go down. Only then get to the rocky ledge at the opposite right end of the room.The fifth treasure is located near the fourth one, but this time it is extremely easy to find, because it lies on your path.

Go right, not left, and you'll find a sculpture hidden in the shadows. Find protruding bricks. This time, however, you will move upwards You will reach the third gear. Jump from the rope towards the platform and it will collapse. Jump towards it and then jump to the wall near the next gear. Yeah, none quite like this.

Niet geheel onterecht, gezien de scores van de game.

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Pull it and get ready for a fight.You get attacked by the mountain monsters. This video is unavailable.

A treasure is hidden there.Treasure no. Once you get under the ceiling, jump on the rafters (the picture shows the view from the rafters towards the mentioned cogwheels).

You have to jump on narrow platforms and defeat some mountain monsters.

This way you will reach a place with several cogwheels. You will find it on the opposite side of a spot where you have to jump towards the brick platform.

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