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Missing collectibles can be found via chapter select at any time.Treasure #12 (Inscribed Copper Plate) + Treasure #13 (Silver Goblet) + Treasure #14 (Hoysala Kukri)Lockbox #2 + Treasure #15 (Miniature Bronze Cannon)Lockbox #7 + Treasure #24 (Leather Covered Binoculars)Treasure #65 (Strange Skull) – Skeleseer Trophy, if turned upside downThat’s all the collectibles in Uncharted The Lost Legacy. 1 Treasure, 1 Photo Photo #1 On the right side of the market walk up to the vases to take a picture of the little girl and the vases. You can also trigger it by looking at the statues and pressing triangle to inspect them.After turning the first crank, which moves Shiva’s lower right hand (lower left seen from our perspective). Climb the ledges on the left side and you will see the treasure through a hole in the wall. (The ledge which was too high to reach).After grabbing Nadines Hand, while climbing Ganesh.After climbing to the top of Ganesh take a picture there. You will only be able to destroy the wall using a grenade which you can obtain from enemies in the encounter there.Shortly after the last one and driving through the opened gate, you have to drive a big turn in order to cross that small bridge and into the tunnel with the bats. After getting a collectible it is saved instantly. It’s located between some trees between two waterfalls.After opening a huge door for Nadine to pass through with the car, you will have to drop down on the other side of the now open door. Optional Conversations can be triggered when you see a "..." appear above a characters head, and offer additional insight into the current topic of discussion, and Lock Boxes contain weapons, ammo and other valuable items. If you want to be a … Uncharted The Lost Legacy has 145 Collectibles Locations – 68 Treasures, 28 Photos, 21 Lockboxes, 17 Optional Conversations, 11 Holsaya Tokens. It shows how many items of each type you have found per chapter. The treasures can also be tracked in the extras menu. Great guide!You are awesome!

Players intent on hunting down every last treasure should take the time to collect all of the Led by fan-favorite character, Chloe Frazer, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is an standalone chapter covering unseen aspects of the Uncharted saga. Shoot it and from there shoot the 6 bells below you to open the door hiding the token.Climb the small tower, swing across and slide your way into the cave on the other side. You can use either grenades or a propane tank lying around there to blow it up.Activate the little Fish statue to trigger a puzzle. Blood, Language, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Violence, Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB The treasure is located on the left side of the door, when you turn around after climbing down.Climb on the Ruin and use your rope to open the lid below you.Climb the wall next to the small snake statue and there you will find a bell. Treasure lies on a table at the end of the room.At some point Nadine will break a window in a cutscene. Push the crate backwards and the smaller boxes will fall off, then you can pick up the treasure.After balancing over a wooden beam and reaching a room lighted with a purple light, check the left side of the room. Move the first statue around and Nadine will say something and can be talked to afterwards.When Nadine holds up the mirror from the broken statue and you are supposed to push the statue-crate on the other side, wait there and take a pic of her with the mirror.After Sam barely made the jump on the small railway-car you were pushing (Cutscene where he breaks his glasses), you can talk to him afterwards.Right after the first encounter: Next to a gap you have to progress through with pressing triangle and removing a wooden beam from the collapsed exit. On your way you get the Tarzana trophy for w swinging on 5 Ropes in a row, as well as another lockbox.Again, behind a wall. It is in one of those boxes which are on the crate itself. In the water.While following the story you will encounter a door which you will have to destroy using the winch on your car. Treasure #1 (Ganesh Figurine) Granted automatically after the little girl steals from you. Photo Ops are places that Chloe can use her cell phone to take pictures of to document her adventure. Cannot be missed, automatic story scene. Small error and the only one I found. BEFORE jumping on the hand itself.After swinging all the way across the room over to the prism-riddle. AFTER finally escaping the armored car and dropping down, check the corner of the dark room.On the way out after sliding down the waterstream, ask Nadine after her remark about Avas being a doctor.Instead of going to the gate to the right, go in the other direction to find a photo opportunity (do not interact with the wheel / lever yet).After the elephant scene, climb up the small step where you are supposed to continue and wait at this step for a bit. Congratulations to your new trophies and don’t forget to share this guide with your friends if it helped you out.Big thanks to dalailama1989 and SnowNinjaRaccoon for helping with the creation of this guide!Hoysala tokens 7 & 8 are reversed in the text. Nadine will then explain things about elephant species.Note: The in-game collectible tracker for this mission is wrong! Collectible Types There are several types of collectibles scattered throughout each of the nine story chapters . There are several types of collectibles scattered throughout each of the nine Treasures are the classic uncharted collectible, trinkets and curios scattered around various locations in each chapter. BEFORE that, there is an area with a few waterfalls. It’s on a ledge to the right of the zipline, hidden by a shed.After the first ziplining in the chapter the treasure will be in the shed on the roof, where you pull out the FIRST crate, in order to climb the shed itself.After the first ziplining in the chapter the treasure will be in the shed on the roof, where you have to get the SECOND crate and push it down to Nadine and the roof collapses. On the southern side of the waterfall in a passage, which can be used with the car to bypass the waterfall. This page contains collectible locations in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. This page contains collectible locations in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

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