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I think, its better if i sell off my PS4… I wont buy console anymore.. Just stick to you got your ps4 to be hacked only ! just wondering why is not available on internetI was going to try to hack into Microsoft Corp but i found this interesting story about the teens who hacked into Microsoft Corp and went to far this change my mindHow do I make it so I can have a custom status where it says I’m online?Is there somebody I can talk to for a theory on a possible xbox one exploit?Me, I have a theroy amd so far it is working just as planed if you would like to buy the bete version I would be glad to sell it to you or anyone here.We could try known exploits on the Edge browser but actually developing userland code is hardHow likely is it that the xbox on a system will be a future break, and when can you upload unpurchased games to run? Was signed in and out randomly. If you like to write, and have a strong interest in the console hacking scene, contact me either with a comment here, or in a PM on /talk!This “trick” has been on playstationhax for a long time but the “trick” did get patched with the latest dash.

It’s only on PC that they made it always online.Esse console Tambaú m e feito no Brasil . I use my XBOX 360 as my AIO entertainment device, but if I have more than enough money, Id rather by the highest specifications of gaming RIG PC or a cheaper PS4.because of a flux capasitor cable was not an option at time of manufacturingBeing an Electrician in Toronto i chose gaming as my hobby its really helpful for me to get the stress out from my body.22 GB of memory not shown when checking space. Now I have XBOX One and planning to Disposed it. PC has huge library of games and its cheaper as well. Why cant peeps wanting to be apart of the scene stay searching.I’m one of that person customer, all my game working smooth…some of them already finish it. “Xbox One full homebrew will likely be a reality in a short time,” the conversation concludes. I genuinely enjoyed reading it, you happen toi already use this hack services, i’m indonesian, its not fake, the method just like sharing game[…] das licenças de outro console também está pegando no Xbox One. Sony should revise their price.. My native language isn’t English so I will try to describe as clearly as possible.First, this method might depend on “digital sharing feature ” on xbox one.Last thing, $10/account is offered by some seller who use hacked cc to buy game and sell to user. ?First, he buy all the game on his xbox-one, then he used his profile username and password to sign in on other xbox-one, then download it again for free, easy as one two three ! That’s the old version of the hack that no longer works.I was happy to see my country on wololo just to find out I need to be ashamed of what they did. So unless XONE can utilize online play while offline i see no way how they would workActually, Diablo 3 plays fine on Xbox One in offline mode. Code a Client. Popular French scene website logic-sunrise reports that a “new” piracy trick has surfaced on the XBox One.The Indonesian seller behind this product promises they will install up to 30 pirated games on your XBox One for … […] I had started playing games since ATARI, GAME and WATCH, Game BOY, SEGA Megadrive, Saturn, NES, Game CUBE, then what I love are PS to PS2. TX seems to made some progress with xbox one.hes just hyping his members hoping they dont leave because they have been dead for quite a whileYes it’s real, i have seen a copy of said pdf surfacing around november last year, could care less to be honest, but last time i heard scene members told me it has been patched since at least November or December… Apparently it wasn’t or some alternative method has surfaced.This is old news. If you stick to PC, atleast you get multiplatform games for sure… If you are rich that is different case. XBOX ONE are for lame Multiplayer who just want to play in multiplayer and new gamers. I certainly love this website. Long standing users of the popular forum are recommending the seller’s serviceThe seller offers a selection of 44 games to choose from, and the list seems to be increasing regularly:The Seller offers to choose from 44 titles to pirate (screenshot Logic-sunrise)Logic-sunrise speculate that the hack consists in copying the games by cloning the contents of a Xbox one hard drive containing all the games, preinstalled.The scheme itself has been going on for quite some time: ceye.cahya has been providing this piracy service since December 2014, and people regularly post new screenshots to confirm that the service is legit and still works today.This went mostly unnoticed on English-speaking scene websites (including your very own, and we’re shamelessly catching up on this after logic-sunrise revealed it).Nobody on GBATemp seems to have tried in order to confirm if this was legit, although people think this specific “guide” might be a fake based on the (actually working) Independently of that guide being real or not, the business offered by ceye.cahya seems to be very real. While the post offered very little proof when it comes to the bold claims that were made, there’s no doubt a large community of modders and hackers that are looking for a homebrew solution on the Xbox One. How-to Install Mods. For New Super Mario Bros. on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Anyone seen the Retro SMB hack on GBAtemp? 40 year old ex-con that will drop that ex just like I would the hacker. De acordo com um post no blog do Wololo, um usuário de um dos maiores fóruns da Indonésia estaria oferecendo um serviço onde ele […][…] Xbox One hack – Piracy trick from Indonesia promises up to 30 games for $65 […][…] Xbox One hack – Piracy trick from Indonesia promises up to 30 games for $65 […][…] Xbox One hack – Piracy trick from Indonesia promises up to 30 games for $65 […][…] Xbox One hack – Piracy trick from Indonesia promises up to 30 games for $65 […][…] Xbox One hack – Piracy trick from Indonesia promises up to 30 games for $65 […][…] Xbox One hack – Piracy trick from Indonesia promises up to 30 games for $65 […][…] The PS4 and Xbox One have so far been mostly shielded from widespread piracy issues, if you ignore the odd and geographically “contained” Brazilian “jailbreak” on PS4 older firmwares, or Indonesian hack on Xbox One.

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